DJ Vitaly Korob will make your event perfect


Music is the soundtrack of the event, it is the way to express joy physically and emotionally.
DJ Vitaly knows how to give you the desired feeling by an in-depth selection of classics and amazing tracks such as waltz, tango, rock'n'roll, twist, slow, salsa, and more…

Get to know DJ Vitaly Korob


Ever since childhood, DJ Vitaly dreamed of engaging in music and recording in as many places and events as possible.
The road to a dream was not easy at all, from a young age he grew up in a boarding school, in special education programs, and did not let any limitation to prevent him from having his big dream realized.

As part of his training, he studied at BPM College Muzik College and even absorbed in volunteer events for people with disabilities.

In 2018 he created a mini-album whose excerpts were made into a very successful trance collection of that year.

Today, after much effort and training Dj Vitaly is ready to devour the country at any event, time, and place.

DJ Vitaly Lives and breathes music in all genres and rhythms. Lives in Kfar Saba, a graduate of BPM College in software programs for music processing, production, creation and writing.

And also Graduate of the Electronic Music Creation and Production Track and has a range of skills in the construction and finishing of Trek and Remix and live playing on controllers and electronic instruments.

Dominates everything hot in the market, keeps up to date, and continues to learn how to bring the magic of music to the hearts of his customers.

Vitali's music database is unlimited, with precise amplification equipment, and a deep understanding of the his audience and customers. 

'I would like to give a warm recommendation for DJ Vitaly
Vitaly is a DJ with a special musical taste, a very warm attitude to the client and attention to the dance floor.
warmly recommended! "

Michael Kelter

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